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Ms. Nisha Bhakar
(Navayuga World School)

"Expert Comments"

"Schools are not about helping student score better marks year on year, but  spaces that help them believe in themselves when the world doubts them. Learn to love who they are when the world chooses to see only their short coming.It's time we teachers start crating happy spaces.Let's help our students live life without fear.

Mrs Anita Malhotra
(Lotus valley International School)

"Expert Comments"

"Strike a like, make the blow, and you are ready to go. Simply attaining the desirable number of likes, and comments, and followers... is this what we call reality?"

"Smile till you don't get liked, follow until you become hollow.. the hollow of your existance." 

Ms. Ruchika Sharma
(Pragyan School)

"Expert Comments"

"Imagine life taking birth, in full form manifesting into physical existence. It is beyond comprehensive till we pay attention. It is imperative to understand the fundamental of life and put it into right perspective."

Mrs. Nellie Ahmed
(Maria Public School)

"Expert Comments"

"Cultural dynamics influence the personality development of a child.

Knowing how to adapt in any environment will help them to thrive in this dynamic realm.

Sensibilities in language use,understanding the mindset,etiquettes,religious faith will determine success in the real world".

Mrs. Aparna Magee
(Ramagya School,Noida)

"Expert Comments"

"Everyone has the same amount of time per day, it is not that you don't have enough time; it is that you don't have a clear focus. This unclear focus leads to bad decisions and consequently adverse outcome.So one most learn to delegate,outsource,automate,defer and renegotiate."

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