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All round parenting: nurturing your child’s overall development

People born in the previous millennium remember a system of schooling where education was the sole focus. Back in the days, all work and no play didn’t make jack a dull boy but was the formula for success. It made for a very content set of parents, considering what education meant a few decades ago.
All that has changed now! 
The system of schooling and education is undergoing a massive makeover. The approach of learning from memory is changing to learning by comprehension. Schools no longer just stress on memory based learning but are being interactive in the way they teach and communicate concepts to students. 
With such developments in happening in the school environment, it is important that parents do their part to help support their child along their journey. 
Progressive schools around the world are adopting new approaches to education. These include stress on concept learning, self-directed research, analytical thinking, cross-platform skills, collaborative effort and so on.

No matter which school your children attend or what grade they are in, here are some ideas that you can use to help them get a 360 degree education beyond the classroom.
Make concepts relative
As kids, one of the major reason we do not understand topics in class is because it does not feel relative. It is harder to remember formulae and definitions when your syllabus is full of it. Kids learn concepts much better when topics of science and maths are related to real world situations; providing a narrative to explain these concepts. 

Encourage varied reading
I remember when my parents would nag at me for reading tinkle and chacha choudhary. The world today is encouraging kids to read. With content available in various forms like videos and photo snippets, kids lose the urge to read long form text. Let it be books or ebooks, the means don’t matter as long as they like what they’re doing.

Practical approach to theory
Practicality is one field the Indian education system has not yet been able to conquer. Research has shown that kids learn better when they have aides that help them understand concepts. Hence as parents, it is our duty to support our kids learning needs. Kits that help them build buildings, automobiles, treat patients or manage businesses are great learning tools that help kids have a practical approach to the theory they learn in schools.

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