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Parenting Styles: What type of parent are you?

A few years ago if you’d asked your parents if they had heard of the styles involved in parenting, you were in for a round of mockery and embarrassment. The situation isn’t quite the same today. Our understanding of the parent-child relationship has evolved, but there still is lot of confusion as to what type of parent one must be.

Do I have to be hard on my kid all the time? Do I let my kid be independent and make his own choices? Do I keep boundaries and check on them regularly?

Comprehending child behaviour seems to be a complex task and parents of the 21st century are not equipped to handle, let alone raise kids.

To make it a little simpler for you, here are four parenting styles you can follow to get the best out of both your kid and you.






Authoritarian Parenting

This is the type of parenting that we would have generally experienced. I, personally am not in a position to judge this method but would not suggest this either. Authoritarian parents are often thought of as disciplinarians.


      They use a strict discipline style with little negotiation possible. Punishment is common.

      Communication is mostly one way: from parent to child. Rules usually are not explained.

      Parents with this style are typically less nurturing.

      Expectations are high with limited flexibility.

Permissive Parenting

Permissive or Indulgent parents mostly let their children do what they want, and offer limited guidance or direction. They are more like friends than parents.

      Their discipline style is the opposite of strict. They have limited or no rules and mostly let children figure problems out on their own.

      Communication is open but these parents let children decide for themselves rather than giving direction.

      Parents in this category tend to be warm and nurturing.

      Expectations are typically minimal or not set by these parents.



Neglectful Parenting

Uninvolved parents give children a lot of freedom and generally stay out of their way. Some parents may make a conscious decision to parent in this way, while others are less interested in parenting or unsure of what to do.

      No particular discipline style is utilized. An uninvolved parent lets a child mostly do what he wants, probably out of a lack of information or caring.

      Communication is limited.

      This group of parents offers little nurturing.

      There are few or no expectations of children.

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parents are reasonable and nurturing, and set high, clear expectations. Children with parents who demonstrate this style tend to be self-disciplined and think for themselves. This style is thought to be most beneficial to children.

      Disciplinary rules are clear and the reasons behind them are explained.

      Communication is frequent and appropriate to the child’s level of understanding.

      Authoritative parents are nurturing.

      Expectations and goals are high but stated clearly. Children may have input into goals.


What sort of parent are you?

Though these styles seem unique and specific, parents these days rarely stick to one style. It's generally a combination of  two styles or more. This finally depends on personal preference, your child’s behavioral patterns, his social circle and the environment which he grows in.

So don’t worry if you don’t know your style or are afraid you’re doing it wrong. Parenting is not a certificate course that once you complete, you’re Pro! It’s a process of learning, growing and accompanying your child in his path to success. 

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