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Kerala struggles to find Hindi language teachers in Lower Primary schools

Kerala is facing a shortage of Hindi teachers at the lower primary (LP) levels of education in its schools. The Education Department has employed contract teachers to teach Hindi to Class V students. Responding to the situation, Education Minister, C Ravindranath said that there was neither the availability of full-time staff to teach the language in lower primary sections, nor was there a provision to create the post of Hindi language teachers in LP schools.

Hindi is mandatory in the state of Kerala only from Class V and while schools that have both lower primary and upper primary sections are able to manage, those that only teach LP kids are facing a shortage of teachers. KC Harikrishnan, the General Secretary of the Kerala School Teachers Association said of the issue -  “In these schools, at present, we are engaging part-time teachers, who get full-time benefits. The part-time language teachers in these schools are underutilised or in some cases asked to teach other subjects to meet the scope of service rules. There are some systemic issues which have to be addressed.”

Education Minister, Ravindranath said that the department has already made provisions to teach students Hindi by launching ‘Surili Hindi’, a project for improving Hindi learning, in upper primary sections, which has now been expanded to also cover lower primary sections.

The draft National Education Policy which recommends teaching Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states was faced with controversy and a good amount of criticism in some South Indian states.

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