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Todays kids attached to digital world and why?

This is not just kids we are talking about. The adult world has the mobile phone as a natural body extension and cannot imagine life without it. it should not come as a surprise if kids have an in-built affinity towards extensive use of technology. The solution is for the first time to embrace what is here to stay and to work with what works for us. Studies have shown that children who use educational media learn more in the short term (Penuel et al., 2009) and do better in school later on, as compared to children who do not (Anderson, Huston, Schmitt, Linebarger, Wright, 2001). Research has also demonstrated that using educational media with adult guidance leads to greater learning than if used alone in an unregulated environment (Reiser, Tessmer, & Phelps, 1984). The digital world is a tool, and a very powerful and effective one at that. The tool is a just that, a tool; to,create or destroy with it, depends on the one wielding the tool. Technology is neutral, thus it is important that children develop a healthy relationship with it in order to use its positives to bring about an enhanced learning space while growing up.

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