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In Delhi, new detention policy in schools unlikely this year

Delhi schools are yet to be notified of amendments in the no-detention policy, which were to be implemented in the 2019-2020 academic year. As a result, educationists believe it is too late in the day to enable schools to detain students in classes V and VIII this session.

 Earlier this year, the no-detention policy of the Right to Education Act (RTE), 2009, was amended through a parliamentary bill, stating that a child who fails a regular examination at the end of classes V and VIII will take a re-examination.

 However, implementation has been stalled. In education department official confirmed that the notification had been drafted by the department but is still being processed.

 “It has to be cleared by a number of different departments; at the moment, it is with the Delhi Law department. Our efforts are directed towards implementing it at the earliest,” said the official.

 he head of a government school said that while teachers are not ready to implement a “rollback in no-detention” this year.

 “Right now, many students are reaching class IX without even basic reading, and then are dropping out after not being able to clear class IX examinations. A sudden rollback might see an increase in the number of dropouts at class VI itself. Ithink we should wait for a few years, until learning levels have improved and at least 70% students are passing without the support of the no-detention policy.

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