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How is Distance Learning different at Vega Schools ?

The term ‘lockdown’ has become a familiar phrase and it is now the ‘new normal’.  Not only has the Covid-19 crisis disrupted our way of life, but in its wake, it has brought with it school closures. However, all is not lost. The good news is that while schools may be on ‘lockdown’, learning most certainly is not. Adapting to the situation at hand, several schools across the country have come up with distance learning programmes, most of which are confined to online lessons and lectures, followed by homework and worksheets. 
At Vega, in true Problem Based Learning (PBL)  fashion, we took up this challenge and approached it in an innovative manner so as to give our Learners an optimum product. Bearing in mind that too much ‘screen time’ is not ideal for the wellbeing of our Learners, our superstar Learning Leaders spent hours on end, and came up with a learning capsule that had limited hours but could immerse the Learners fully in the experience while including a good balance of scholastic as well as co-scholastic sessions. 
The introductory sessions of our capsule were carefully crafted to provide ample ‘discussion’ time to our Learners to help them to process and climatise to the situation at hand, rather than directly plunging them into academics in a panic to complete syllabuses. Our Learning Leaders helped them to make a ‘real life connection’ to the current crisis and also helped them to understand that out of this crisis some positives such as more family time, time for the environment to heal itself etc have emerged. The focus was to boost Learner morale. 
Our distance learning capsule also continuously reinforces our core values of empathy, excellence, integrity, collaboration,and innovation amongst our Learners while also teaching them that while times are indeed tough, we too must ‘toughen up’, build our resilience and emerge victorious in the long-term. 
In a short span of a time, the results we have seen from our distance learning module have been amazing. Beyond notes and worksheets, our Learners  have been so inspired and we have seen evidence of PBL  and practical application of knowledge, across grades, be it exploring the concept of germination through experiments at home or creating one's own model to understand rectilinear propagation of light. 
Throughout, we have actively sought feedback from parents about the distance learning capsules we are delivering and been completely flexible with regard to tweaking and modifying them. We believe that like our Learners, we too are new to this process and so we can learn from each other.
We are delighted to see true PBL and organic learning happening...even during these difficult and troubled times. Very unique and very Vega.
We firmly believe that armed with the right attitude and a positive approach we can ensure that disruption can actually create more than it can destroy. 

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