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The lockdown implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19 has brought forth several challenges for everyone! The primary one being faced by the schools, students, parents and institutions as the fear of losing important time mounts and causes anxiety. But Don Bosco School, Siliguri never stops so it took up cudgels with Covid-19 by joining hands with technology. The school believes in finding solutions to the problems rather than feeling deterred by them. They assured the worried and apprehensive students and their parents that there would be no loss of studies


This shift in education from conventional teaching in physical classrooms to the more futuristic format of digital learning of online classrooms has not been an easy one.


1. Online and offline classes


They say, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going'. So, the school garnered all its resources and started the offline and thereafter the online classes, in collaboration with Techvein, to set the students' fears to rest. It helps them to remain in touch with their books and move ahead with the syllabus. It was not only approved by the parents but won the much needed applause and appreciation from them.


The proactive response from the teachers, many of whom aren't tech savvy, has helped the school in re-creating a classroom atmosphere where students can interact with their teachers and cover the lessons from the comfort of their homes. These cloud-based classrooms allow students to have access to full study material and also help the students to explore their interests through the internet. Here interaction with teachers has taken many forms and the feedback can be immediate. Online assignments and evaluations are being used judiciously so as to accustom the children to abide by a learning schedule and make learning fun.


Time tables have been set and all the teachers are working hard. Not only are the academics taken care of, but the online talent competitions are also organised to help the students showcase their hidden talents.



2. Don Bosco School - A Good Samaritan


Responding to the distress call of the poor and the needy, various institutions, celebrities and corporates have come forward to help the Central and the State Governments in their efforts to bring relief measures to the underprivileged ones.


Don Bosco School, Siliguri, the premier boys’ school in Siliguri and North Bengal like always has committed Rs.5 Lakhs to the CM Relief Fund. The teachers and non teaching staff of the school have also contributed generously to raise this amount.


The school has always been committed to service. They had already donated 5kg rice, 2kg dal and 3kg potatoes to each of the 1900 needy families in Saraswatipur village and neighbouring villages.



3. We Rock The Lock : Online Talent Contest 2020


Though academics are one of the focal points in our education system, the all-round development of a child’s personality is our priority. DBS organised ONLINE TALENT CONTEST for students of KG to 12 and have successfully conducted a few online contests. There has been a massive response from the students and their parents. Many more contests are


coming soon. E-certificates have been given out to the winners and all the participants.



4. Active participation in Various Online Events


We glow with pride when our students rise to the occasion and adapt themselves resiliently to the changing circumstances. Our students have been participating in various online MUN (Model UN), from the comfort and safety of their homes and


have won various awards.


Masters Rishi and Raghav of class XII participated in Quarantine’s Got Talent comprising of 102 teams and were adjudged the best. Masters Raghav Goyal, Mayank Kedia and Manish Agarwal participated in Encase 2020, a national level online case study competition for college and high school students, and were adjudged the 2nd Runners Up. They were the only school team participating in the event.



5. Virtue & Knowledge


On 1st May, one of our students – Master Viraj Mittal of class IV A brought laurels to us by winning the Pan India Quiz organised by the esteemed Young Indians (YI) in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry. The two-hour long quiz with four rounds comprised of audio, visual, rapid fire and current affairs. Not only did he win a certificate, but also a cash prize of Rs. 3000.


Though our students’ academic and co-curricular achievements are a matter of pride for us, we do feel contented when they show solidarity towards their fellow beings. Viraj carries forward the flame of the Bosconian spirit of service beyond self. He has contributed his first earnings of Rs. 3000/- towards the school’s outreach programme, to help the needy in these testing times. May God bless him in all his future endeavours!



6. Following in the footsteps of St. Don Bosco


Master Parikshit Agarwal, a class 12 student of Don Bosco School, Siliguri was so moved by the plight of the poor students who didn't have proper access to books and stationery that he decided to put the values taught to him by his school into practical use. He also realised that it was a mammoth task for an individual to accomplish, so he formed "DoNation", an organisation committed to serve people.


From collecting and distributing books, clothes and toys, he moved on to ease the struggle of daily wage labourers and the needy folks in “Fighting Covid-19”. Parikshit distributed the ration kits in Siliguri in collaboration with Rachit Agarwal and Siddhant Agarwal who run their own non-profit organisation named, “Musafir".


They expressed their heart-felt gratitude to the Principal of Don Bosco School, Rev. Fr. Manoj Jose for encouraging and inspiring them.


Not only were they featured in the well-known local daily, the Janpath Samachar, but were also recognised by the prestigious United Nations, through the UNMGCY – a Youth Initiative Platform.



7. And the legacy continues...


Our Past Pupils Unit contributed 200 PPE Kits to Siliguri Sadar Hospital and the North Bengal Medical College. The ever vibrant Ex Students have also started distributing food packets to the needy on a daily basis. The contribution has been made by many members who have come forward only through a WhatsApp message.


The real test of education comes only after the students pass out of the institution and the school is indeed very proud of its Past Pupils who are carrying forward the Bosconian tradition.



Covid-19 may have put the world in a lockdown, but has opened up our hearts and presented newer opportunities to serve everyone around us. Be it the students, our teaching and non-teaching staff or even the general public at large, Don Bosco Siliguri has always taken the proactive route in teaching and in service. Changing times call for adaptive responses and we will endeavour to keep with the vastly changing and highly demanding times.  


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