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Online Teaching @ Ramagya School, Noida

Our beautifully honed, perfectly controlled narrative of Life came to a standstill in March 2020 when we, in India, came face to face with COVID-19 which made life altering changes in our world. With the Annual Examinations over and the entire staff busy in the process of checking of answer sheets and result declaration, the school was not prepared for this change. After months of hard work and judicious planning everyone was enthusiastically waiting for the next academic session which was clearly visible on the horizon. But with the arrival of the pandemic all plans came to rest.  The closure of schools brought life to a halt with lots of uncertainties, insecurities and anxiety. Ramagya School was more concerned about the emotional and psychological wellness of its students and to keep them engaged and motivated, different ways and methods to resume the process of teaching learning were brainstormed. With lots of deliberations, discussions and research on viable solutions, Ramagya School started online classes from 24th March, 2020.


Before settling to a safe and user-friendly App, various online platforms were tested and tried for conducting Live classes. Initially teachers and students did face few hiccups like low bandwidth, non-availability of devices, internet connectivity but all these were gradually overcome and transitioned smoothly to a thoroughly effective online mode of teaching learning process. Our aim is to ensure essential learning and critical thinking through the Online Class Programme. The students are guided to have flexibility of thoughts, self-regulation and are directed towards planning and problem-solving techniques through lessons, activities and worksheets. Conducting online classes is not an easy job as lot of hard work and planning goes into the process as each lesson and each activity is explored, planned and prepared for the digital platform way ahead, checked by respective subject HODs and approved by Principal. School ERP System is also used to mark attendance, upload notes, study material and daily homework.


Ramagya School aims at the holistic development of a student’s broad foundation for life-long learning and well-being. Physical fitness forms a crucial component of a student’s life. Online classes are conducted not only for curricular subjects but also for co-curricular activities as well. Our Sports faculty is guiding students to stay fit through Physical Fitness Videos posted online and also by conducting Live Sessions to keep a track of Fitness Level of the students. The school is also conducting interactive evening session of Physical Fitness from 5:30pm - 6:10pm LIVE to keep the students engaged constructively and physically fit. The School also encourages students to dream big by strengthening and connecting them to their roots and nourishing their wings to give them strength to fly. The students are exposed to various practices unique to the Culture of India. One of the outstanding features of India is its Folk Culture and Art. Regular online sessions for Dance, Music and Art are also conducted to ensure student’s exposure to the rich heritage.


To keep its students motivated and engaged, the school celebrated Earth Day, where creative activities were planned for students. The students across all grades participated in an International Webinar hosted by Ms Manuela Correia da Silva a teacher at the renowned institute AEMGA at Portugal on the occasion of Earth Day.  These kinds of global education programmes are designed to help the young learners know and understand global themes and become responsible global citizens and future leaders. The School also organised an Interhouse Activity- Unlock Your Talent During Boring Lockdown-"DANCE & SINGING KARO NA" on the occasion of International Dance Day which is celebrated every year on 29th of April. The activity was conducted Live on two consecutive Days. The School celebrated Mother’s Day on digital platform on 10th May, a day dedicated to celebrate uniqueness of a ‘Mother’ who has inherent qualities to create, nurture and heal. It was a day to rejoice and acknowledge her great emotional strength, patience, passion and sensitivity



Ramagya fraternity moves ahead by dedicating resources and expertise at their disposal for the benefits of Parents and Students. Webinars for students and parents are organized to work on the constraints and concerns which have multiplied and become apparent due to the situation of Lockdown. The regularly conducted Webinars by the professional team of Baal Saathee aims at keeping students involved and parents calm during these difficult times of social distancing.  


 Online PTM, a novel initiative to address the concerns and suggestions of the parents and students was conducted for classes Pre Nur to XII. The teachers connected online to the parents on Zoom in separate groups and in different time slots. Almost all the students and parents eagerly participated in this PTM and appreciated the efforts of the school Principal, Ms Aparna Magee to meet the demands of their students even during these challenging times. They also extended their gratitude to the hardworking teachers who are not leaving any stone unturned to not only teach their children online but also in clearing their doubts and correcting the assignments. 


Although there is no substitute for a physical class but with passage of time these online classes have become a ‘new’ normal for both the teachers and the students. The teachers of these challenging times have proved that where there is a will there is a way. 

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