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King’s College India, Rohtak – Virtual Learning Success Story During Crisis and Lockdown

First, when we come to know that we won’t be able to open the school campus due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we were worried about the studies of our students and then we designed our virtual learning platform to run the online classes successfully during this lockdown period.


Learning never stops @ King’s College India!


Surjeet Singh

Deputy Headmaster / Officiating Headmaster,

King’s College India


Kings College India started its Academic Session 2020-21 in digital mode on 13th April 2020. The unprecedented world events did not faze pupils and teachers as our virtual learning platform was packed full of engaging content to spark curiosity and continue learning. It was great to see the children enthusiastic, inquisitive, and excited to return to school, albeit in this new way.

The school designed its own online learning platform and learners of all ages starting from Early Year School, Junior School, and Senior school taking lessons using this new learning platform. Teachers are using this tool to successfully facilitate the delivery of the curriculum. Both the learners and the teachers have adapted quickly to this new method of teaching-learning and already there have been so many great results!

School is following an online regular time table to enables students to have a regular school day from the safe comforts of their homes. Teachers are providing adequate learning support to the students. Teachers are working from home and creating and sharing worksheets and video lessons and also engaging the students via video conferencing. Teachers are sharing the work and activities for the day with the students and parents and the same students are completing and sending back to the teachers on agreed deadlines.

Students and teachers can do everything possible from this platform including marking attendance, attending classes, connecting on video conference, joining google classrooms, submitting their homework etc. This platform has all information about classes, weekly timetable, links to attend the classes, Google Classroom, Google Meet, homework submission folders, teaching-learning resources, curriculum overview etc. 

Teachers plan their lessons and put it on the platform and then take video conferencing sessions to explain the students on how to go about it. Every lesson is designed in steps, so it is easy to follow and understand. And if any student is not able to attend the class, they can still have access to the resources even after the class and parents can help the student to revise. Students can learn at their own pace.

It is an easy platform for online teaching and learning. All students and teachers are very comfortable working on this now. All the classes for all the subjects from Pre Nur to Standard 12 are running smoothly. The decision to conduct classes online proved to be a milestone during this lockdown period. Parents and students are supporting and appreciating this initiative. This way, together, parents and teachers are ensuring that learning never stops in any situation for the students. We look forward to continuing to do this while the situation across India and the world is in constant flux. King’s College India wishing good health and safe self-lockdown to all. We pray that our country comes out of this pandemic very soon.

I take this opportunity to thank all our teaching and admin staff for supporting us to make this online learning a success. My special mention and thanks to Academic Leadership team of King’s College India:

Ms. Tansy Troy – Head EYFS

Ms. Claire Whyte– Head of Junior School

Ms. Shahila Hussain– Key Stage 3 Coordinator

Ms. Minakshi Mann– Key Stage 4 Coordinator

Mr. Dushyant Bafna – Key Stage 5 Coordinator and Cambridge Examination Officer

Parents’ Testimonials on KCI Virtual Learning Sessions:



Patents of Rapunzel Saini – Pre-Nursery

Overall, the experience has been very satisfactory. Rapunzel has been enjoying her weekly activities and has faced no difficulties in accessing the platform. I can see all the effort that has been put into the teacher’s weekly plans which reflect in all the videos and worksheets they upload for the benefit of our children. All resources have been extremely useful during this learning process online. 

I would like to say a special thank you to all the wonderful teachers of Kings College India, I feel extremely proud that my child is in such an amazing school that truly cares about all their students especially in a time like this. Teaching staff have been professional at all times and have always answered immediately to any inquiries I had. 


Patents of Devangi - Phoenixes (UKG)

Our child has learnt a lot these past few weeks through the online learning platform. All the resources uploaded have been extremely useful to us and fromplatform. The YouTube videos, downloadable worksheets and the teacher’s weekly planning schemes, in general, have been of much use to us since it has kept our child engaged in all the lessons.


Patents of Verusha Sanewal – Phoenixes (UKG)

On average our child has been doing around two hours of screen time and 3 hours of practical learning which is a perfect amount of time to keep her engaged productively. Greatly satisfied with the teachers and the way they go about things. 





Patents of Meera – Standard 2

We are very satisfied with the way the online classes have been going on. Meera has been keeping up with her work and learning a lot. We are especially happy with Ms. Sheetal’s classes and her method of teaching as the children are very interactive with her. Classes such as Literacy and Math prove to be very useful, we also agree with the idea of having PE classes daily, that would be nice for the children. 


Patents of Inaya Bansal – Standard 2

We would like to say a special thank you to all the teachers of King's College India. Google classroom has been very helpful and our child is learning a lot through this platform especially Math and Literacy. 


Parents of Lavanya Gandhi- Standard 3

The KCI learning platform has been extremely useful so far, we are very satisfied with the planning of the classes. Our daughter is taking around five classes per day starting at 9:00am and finishing at 1:00pm which is the perfect amount to keep her engaged and immersed in her learning. Subjects such as Literacy, Math, ICT and Science are extremely useful subjects and we are pleased she can keep up with all the work without any interruption in her learning process. 


Parents of G. Shailja – Standard 5

It has been a fantastic learning experience for Shailja, keeping her so energetically engaged throughout the sessions. We are indeed very satisfied with the work that has been given so far as well as with this new learning platform. She is enjoying learning Literacy, Math, Science and French. Thanks to you all for your wonderful work and efforts.




Parents of Utkarsh Goel- Standard 8

It is very easy to login to the learning platform which makes the whole experience very productive and useful. The resources available have been helping our son a lot with his studies especially the website links, downloadable sheets and the whole teacher’s planning lessons, in general, are extremely worthwhile. Furthermore, whenever we faced a problem, the teachers of KCI were more than happy to help us with any issues we faced. As the current lessons are going so well, it would be great if we could increase the number of lessons per day.



Parents of Zoya Hussain – Standard AS Level

The online learning platform has been extremely useful. It is making our child’s online schooling time productive. Zoya does around three hours of screen time followed by three hours of practical learning which allows a good daily time balance. Keep up the good work!


Parents of Yash – Standard A Level

It has been very easy to access the platform; we have had no struggles with it whatsoever. Additionally, the resources available have been very helpful to our son. We are all aware that the school is trying hard to manage these online sessions and we truly appreciate it. It would be great if more classes could be incorporated as they are all going so well and our children are benefiting from it. 

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