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In sync to the changing world and scenario

With the onset of Covid-19 spread, which shook the world and its economy, we have come up with yet prominent theory of Nature being the most powerful and propagating its influences over humans.  Where at one end we cannot deny the fact that it has slowed all processes and its outcomes and all we are left with is to wait with hope of better times, on the other hand if we be optimistic in approach and look for the positive side of things, it has opened new avenues for us by giving us opportunities and challenges to come across and running the world virtually. As one says, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and considering that ‘Technology—grows faster than humanity’ we stood ready to adapt to the change and impart education through technology. The teachers being forbearers of the responsibility of tutoring and preparing the next generation to mold as according to the change, we as education institutions tried to advance ourselves as per the needs of the current times.

Teaching online through virtual classes has come up as a great solution to the problems of continuity of education which our school had prepared for long before the prevalence of current scenario, the school trained its educators about the ways and methodologies of its implementation. We are glad that as according to our expectations our educators were prompt enough in adapting to the change and were ready with the solutions as soon as the school reopened virtually online. Equally we acknowledge the readiness of our pupils who were also quick enough to bear with the change and cooperated considering education to be a never stopping aspect of their lives. About 85-90% of our students are regularly taking online classes and are responding with fruitful outcomes. The various online platforms and activities such as Padlet, Kahoot, Flip grid, quiz and Forms help teachers test their teaching outcomes amongst students. Along with the students and teachers have also attended various workshops for Atal Tinkering Lab, in order to keep its functioning online.

When the school is already running virtually we are also trying to ensure the prospects of extra-curricular or co-curricular aspects wherein we are organizing activities for students to engage them in this lockdown scenario so that they remain updated with their skills as an when school re-opens and their overall growth isn’t hampered due to current circumstances. To deal with their psychological confusions and queries we have made them attend and be a part of various Webinars through eminent experts of the concerned fields and counselling sessions through which they got their queries sorted out. Not just our subject experts but our special educators too are working great to make education possible and engaging for children with special needs.

Considering Teachers being in frontline to make virtual school possible and realizing that the current scenario has added additional responsibilities on their shoulders, the school is also looking into their grievances and is guiding them to be part of various Capacity building Online Programs through which they can learn to create balance in managing their personal lives and responsibilities of being a Mentor. Our teachers have already attended many such sessions and have learnt through them.

I as the Head of the school is also taking the onus to be a spokes person to hold many such CBP sessions for teachers through CBSE and thus try to help them with skill to manage classes virtually.

And for all this we certainly can’t thank enough our students and their parents for supporting us and helping us in coping up with the problems associated with technical advancements and alongside accepting the change as together school and parents can ensure that the children who are the future of the world do not get affected with the situations associated with this pandemic but rather create some great memories to share with their future generations about the ways we fought with the challenges of these times. 

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