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The time is past when humankind thought that it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We now know the world is not a commodity.

We are referring to the present times, when the entire globe has come under the gory garb of the deadly contagion, where the sole community intent is to combat it collectively, setting examples and benchmark in every sector, including Education, on which the onus is obvious due to innumerable reasons. When faced with the lockdown, there has been a great learning for the entire mankind with a deeper message to deliberately slow down our pace, that we, the humans have been in. Although, all are forced to remain indoors, this has aided us to reconnect, reflect and be more creative and innovative to understand that the cycle of life will still move on. Changes that have come about during these times, have also enabled the Education world, alongside the other walks of life to contemplate that it is high time we respect Mother Earth!

With complete cognizance of the same, we, at the Paul George Global School, stand humble and decisive, with regards to the steps taken, as productive measures, for the entire school fraternity.

Much before the declaration of the nation-wide lockdown, when the apparent chances of the same were quite high, our school had chalked out a meticulous plan of action very enthusiastically to begin with the virtual classroom sessions for the Pre-primary and above. The introduction and execution of the same so far has been smooth, with 360 degree cooperation from the management and all the stakeholders, who have collaboratively ensured that the journey of learning continues to have the happiness quotient!

To ensure a safe teaching-learning platform, PGGS has not compromised in any way, as we are using MS-teams office 365. This platform has enabled us, right from planning the schedule to the dissemination of the information, to creating channels and teams with the goal of making the experience a joyful one for all. Every feature with regard to the online sessions is very dextrously designed and crafted by our competent team of teachers. We have accomplished this as we are empowered and guided constantly by the school’s philosophy ‘Striving towards excellence’ and ‘Unchanging values in changing times’!

The excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness to kick start the learning in the new academic session has helped us, as a community, to overcome the uncertainties that the present times have brought in.

It is rightly said, ‘Education is a powerful tool to bring the change you wish to see in the world’

To make the journey memorable, the school has adopted an integrated approach of learning, where various art forms for example along with the core subjects are dealt with to emphasize upon building communication skills, inter-personal skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills and life skills such as personal hygiene and age-appropriate household engagement activities to instil self-reliance. Understanding that true learning takes place virtually, we are also ensuring that students keep a healthy mind alongside a healthy body. To achieve the same, health & fitness regime has been incorporated which is being catered through effective and timely yoga and aerobic sessions .We have ensured that the experiential learning through this pedagogical approach guarantees a balanced screen- time and aids learning through multiple intelligence.

The smiles on the faces of our children, their joy and ecstasy to see and meet their friends and teachers, knew no bounds, when they could virtually see one another, while remaining within the confines of their homes.

School, we consider, is very important from the social perspective, and we at PGGS, understand our responsibility of reaching out to the community at large and keeping things simple to generate more ideas and reap better results.

We are marching persistently with a vision keeping the best interest of the future citizens of our nation, because together we can……..together we will……!!!


Roshni Vijayan


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