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St. George’s College, Mussoorie During Crisis and Lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has forced educational institutes across India to temporarily shut. To ensure protection of one of our most precious young human resources we sent them home timely and safely as soon as the lockdown was enforced. This unprecedented situation led to a break in the teaching learning process. 


We at St. George's College were better prepared to handle it as online personalized learning of students through TABLET PCs has been a part of our system for over 4 years now. Through IGNITOR, Students already had access to their textbooks in digital form and relevant multimedia content to support their learning which they could access offline.


To ensure the learning of our students, spread across India and abroad, goes uninterrupted - our plan was to introduce & gear up the online education in a structured & phased manner. Online classes from the comfort of their home is a new concept for students and parents especially in case of residential school students. Keeping all the stakeholders in mind we had to ensure a smooth transition without much ado. We formulated a three pronged strategy to execute our plan:

1. Online Class - Teacher sharing learning material with students through TABs & Ignitor Mobile App and Students getting access to the content shared by Teachers on their IGNITOR TAB or APP.

2. Live Classes - Live classes with help of Zoom Meetings

3. Live Assessments - Conducting real time class tests in the virtual classrooms

With help of our Enterprising Teachers, IT Team & Ignitor Learning - our learning partner we have been able to achieve the desired results. Structured and a professional approach helped us reduce the learning curve quickly. We did face certain challenges in our journey like Internet Connectivity, Operating System Constraint and Hardware Issues but were able to tide over them with the help of IT Team & Ignitor Team. Parents have also played a big role in this. They have been very supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging. With teething problems taken care of now classes are on full swing right from 8am to 4 pm. Like a normal day now the classes are full of activities.


The experience has been very good and encouraging for us. With the active engagement of our Academic Group, IT Team & Ignitor Learning - Our Learning Partner, the online teaching learning process is evolving and inching towards perfection. The overwhelming response of parents and students certifies we are on the right path.

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