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“Success is no miracle. It is continuous hard work, perseverance, dedication and love for the thing you are doing.”

We at Mamta Modern Senior Secondary School nurture the best citizens of tomorrow who have audacity and strength to face the challenges. We also nurture the dreams of children and help them blossom into confident faces. The facilitators always strive to create the best learning atmosphere for the students where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. 

Looking back, on  a normal working day in April, the schools would have reverberated with the cacophony of sounds created by the endless chatter of  students walking up and down the corridor, or the bunch of happy faces rushing in through the school gate to meet their friends or the flurry of activity in the classrooms. There would have been an air of excitement of being in a new class with new mates  and then the pleasure of studying from brand new books  and so on and so forth. But then the unthinkable happened!  Life took a spin on March 19 when the whole nation was forced into a lockdown leaving us with no other alternative but to accept things as they were.

But as the saying goes,’ Hope sustains life,’ Mamta Modern School , Vikaspuri , New Delhi  decided to take things headlong with positivity and determination and give its students a boost , keep them engaged in difficult times as these and thus began our tryst with the virtual world of teaching and learning on April 2 ,the date scheduled for the new academic session. At the onset, things seemed a little unfamiliar, the teachers and students were apprehensive of the outcome of such a move. For a group of teachers who hadn’t ever taught virtually ,  were now in front of the  digital screens , making possible with whatever resources they had, devoting their time and energy into making the teaching and learning experience worthwhile.


 We are trying to ensure that the teaching-learning process will never be interrupted under these tough times.The sole motto of these online classes is to engage our young learners and motivate them to sustain their curiosity to know more about different subjects and channelize their creativity in the right direction under the supervision of facilitators.

We have provided proper guidelines to all the teachers on the use of various technological and social media tools for imparting education in many interesting ways, which can be used easily by the students even at home. We have also taken adequate precautions and safety measures to protect our students from cyber bullying. The whole control of the virtual classes is in the hands of our teachers to prevent our students from cyber abuse.

With each passing day , a sense of purpose and determination to overcome the odds drives the school to try out new ways of keeping virtual school life productive and fulfilling.  Issac Asimov  the author of a science fiction,’ The fun they had’,gives us  an account of a future world driven largely by technology , and its surprising how we see a major part of that world taking shape in front of us.

Mamta Modern School has made use of the digital platform to employ innovative strategies and techniques to learning. Audio and visual tools are used by the teachers to ensure the classroom is interesting and engrossing . Our dedicated teachers ensured that the students are not missing out on Practicals in Science.



Recently , the school conducted its first virtual Orientation programme for the parents of class nursery which was followed by the Orientation for other classes . The virtual programme for the parents of various classes ensured that they are made  to  about the virtual world so that they can supervise their children at home during online classes.

Giving up isn’t what courage is all about! Mamta Modern School is striving each day to provide a congenial learning environment for its students to evolve, explore and engage in a fruitful and rewarding way. The pandemic didn’t deter the school from organizing its virtual  Art Week and Language Week with an array of activities for its students .The  school also participated in various Inter School competitions and Online programmes from time to time , winning prizes one after the other.


World Health Day, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, World Athletics Day, World Dance Day and all-important assemblies were conducted virtually with students coming forward with innovative ideas and ways to express themselves. By conducting all these activities, we are empowering our students to find out positive ways to deal with Covid-19. By providing teaching-learning resources like worksheets, assignments etc. for all the subjects to the students regularly, we are trying to provide requisite education at home.

Not only this, even along with academics we are conducting online sessions of Art, Health and Physical Education, Western Dance, Indian Dance, Vocal Music and Instrumental Music to enhance the skills of the students. We also conduct Pranayama sessions for boosting the immunity of the students that would be the saviour against the present situation. To familiarize the parents as ‘Partners in Progress’, we are conducting PTMs as well. And above all, the positive feedback of the parents is motivating us to do things for our students beyond any limits.

The school premises are closed however the teaching, as well as administrative staff, is working day and night to reach to the students.

Since the schools hold the responsibility of  nurturing the community, we are supporting the community in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic.

As of now, we can’t predict what the future holds in store for us but sometime later  ,whenever we look back at this phase of our lives , the community of parents ,students and teachers at Mamta Modern School  will  have  enough reason to smile with pride and joy at  making the most of the times and for having made a difference in many waysand proudly say ‘This is our success story as an education hub. ‘

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