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Samashti’s Success Story during Lockdown

Success is the accomplishment of one’s purpose.


The aim of Samashti is to provide Panchmukhi Shiksha to ensure that Samashtians grow into responsible global citizens.


March 18, 2020- Instructions were given to close the schools. A new virus was doing the rounds and it was no longer safe to move out of your house. At Samashti a couple of annual term end evaluations were pending. So, what did we do? Were the evaluations done? Did we continue providing Shiksha? YES. A resounding YES. The evaluations were done through Google forms. Synchronous learning commenced through Zoom and Gmeet sessions. Asynchronous learning through sharing of videos, PPTs. Not just academics. Samashti created history by conducting virtual summer camp – Kriyangan 2020- music, art, craft, DIY, public speaking, creative writing, cookery, photography, movie making, tennis, vedic maths, language skills etc. This success story was scripted by the teachers- the backbone of any school. Our teachers share their thoughts and experiences.


·         ‘When the lockdown started, there were so many questions.....

       But as days passed, we were into the next academic year sharing videos and worksheets with children.

       We have learnt so much in this period.’ –  Madhavi.M.

·         “The classroom has been recreated, a community is being strengthened and teaching-learning process is going on’.- Archana Kumari.

·         ‘Samashti has given the opportunity to learn and execute online tools of teaching’ – Kiran Jais.

·         These virtual connects with our students opened up  a portal to a new world with delightful experiences.- Lavanya.

·         ‘I have learnt how to make online classes interesting’- Avisha.

·         As hard as these times are, it has also brought us together and taught us to always look on the bright side’- Haritha.

·         ‘We Samashtians did not however fret Stayed forever connected through the net Exchanging ideas and imparting education Made online platforms our work stations.’ – Rachana

·         This has been one of the most unforgettable journeys

Of all the Samashti teachers, working as armies! 

I am still working towards changing the world one day at a time,

Because I am a teacher and my profession is prime! – Shwetha

·         This is the journey of a normal teacher to a tech ed teacher. I am really enjoying every class throughout the journey.- Manjulatha

·         Dear Samashti Family,Thank you for creating such an encouraging atmosphere that feels like home and family.- Manashi

·         Teaching online has been both challenging and comforting.- Madhavi K

·         My’ wow’ moment was the virtual summer camp where I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt each day along with children.- Sumalatha

·         It is truly a cherishing moment connecting with the kids being at our own favourite corner of the house. – Shikha

·         The moment of connection we have during the online sessions is really amazing.- Kavitha

·         “If it were not in SAMASHTI, where would I have learnt all this. This was not a chance, not an opportunity, not a privilege, but a gift!” P.V.K. Rao

·         Very happy to be a part of Samashti family. We are on our way to explore new apps to make our teaching more effective- Naga Sirisha

·         Virtual summer camp was a different and innovative experience which I and my students enjoyed a lot.- Manisha

·         Proud to be a teacher especially at Samashti. The virtual summer camp was a big hit! – Priyadarshini

·         I am really glad to say that many learning opportunities opened their gates wide for Samashti teachers after the lockdown began- Preethi

·         As the name of the school, so is the atmosphere -there is team work and togetherness whether at the campus or virtual mode- Roseline

·         The grand Success of Samashti’s journey can be seen in the smooth transition from face to face teaching to online teaching – Rajitha

·         Samashtians proved that we are ready for any situation and anything is possible if there is a will- Madhavi.Y.

·         Samashti made us  strong in this difficult time by bringing us together to support each other to continue our teaching in a fun filled way. – Karthika

·         Everyday PTM it seems on every video call. 

Tik tok on the clock, 

Ppt replacing board, marker and walls. 

Tik tok on the clock,

Good to see kids learning after all. 

Samashti rocks!   - Farheen

·         We the teachers of SAMASHTI are in constant pursuit to adapt to the change and make learning fun, effective and engaging – Jessica

·         We all are working from home with full enthusiasm and appreciation messages by the parents have motivated us further- Pratibha

·         We have explored, shared, checked up on each other, and succeeded in fulfilling the need of the hour. – Likhitha

·         I have kept enhancing myself for the best from green board to live classes with the support of the Samashti team- Harjit Kaur

·         I started my journey with Samashti during this lockdown period and learnt many things.KRIYANGAN 2020 is awesome. – Prasad

·         Virtual teaching experiences have had a positive impact on the teachers as well as students- Sonakshi.

·         Being a part of Samashti family is a great blessing. We could explore and learn many new things in the field of education as well as how to face this lockdown period.- Aruna

·         Lockdown may end one day but our learning at Samashti will never end.- Kamalapriy

·         I am happy to see that I can still engage the children remotely. – Supriya

·         I learned many things during this lockdown period, thanks to the Samashti Family.- Sudha

·         A very big thanks to Samashti for providing opportunities to learn as well as arranging for fitness sessions too!- Sujatha

·         This time of ‘lockdown’ has brought golden opportunities to children, teachers and parents – Susan

·         All the teachers went beyond and explored all the possible aspects to ensure the quality education which Samashti is known for-  Zeb Rahman

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