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MHRD releases NCERT alternative academic calendar for class 11, 12

Union human resource development minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has released an alternative academic calendar developed by NCERT on Wednesday. The alternative calendar directs teachers on the use of various technological tools/social media tools to educate students while they are at home.

Union human resource development minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on Wednesday released alternative academic calendar, developed by NCERT, for classes 11 and 12. The alternative calendar guides teachers on how to use various technological/social media tools to educate students while they are at home.

Tweeting about the alternative academic calendar, HRD minister wrote, “The calendar will cater to the needs of all children including Divyang children (Children with Special Need)- link for Audiobooks, Radio programmes, Video programmes, etc. will be included. This will empower our students, teachers, school principals, and parents to find out positive ways to deal with Covid-19 using on-line teaching-learning resources and help in the attainment of learning outcomes.”

Meanwhile CIET- NCERT also tweeted about the academic calendar, “Come online, teach your children at home and be safe with Alternative Academic Calendar.”

About the Alternative Academic Calendar:

A week-wise plan for the highersecondary stage (for Classes XI and XII) has been developed, keeping in view the availability of tools with the teachers. The week-wise plan consists of interesting activities and challenges, with reference to the themes and chapters taken from the syllabus or textbook across the subject areas. Most importantly, it maps the themes with the learning outcomes.

Initially, this calendar is prepared for four weeks, which may be extended further. In this calendar the themes/topics have been selected from syllabus and are linked with the learning outcomes. Guidelines have been developed for conducting interesting activities based on these learning outcomes. But it is a matter of fact that many teachers and parents only have simple mobile phones as a tool available at their homes and all the teachers and students do not have virtual classroom facility. In view of this the activities are designed and presented in such a way that many activities can be conducted by the parents and students on their own after talking to the teachers over phone.

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