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The Journey of Modern Public School Shalimar Bagh, Delhi during Covid 19

MPS traversing to Virtual world.

Owing to its commitment to disseminate quality education, Modern public school, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi has become a paragon for the educational institutions who are still struggling to maintain their existence amidst Corona affright.

Modern Public School has not allowed any hurdle to block its way from imparting education to its students. The institution has set an example before its students on how to turn setbacks into comeback .

With its multifarious and multitudinal activities, beginning from short videos on Personality Development to Webinars on Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy , the school can boast of conducting these successfully.

There is not a single area of the activity calendar of the school that has remained untouched because of the uncertainties caused by COVID-19. Inter-house and Interschool competitions are held to make students well attuned to the present compelling situations instead of getting them exposed to psychological and physiological threats, resulting in a state of anxiety.

Online Circle Talks are organized for the students wherein burning topics are discussed at length with them. The objective is to make an attempt to normalize their emotional reactions thereby preparing them for a new normal.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. This dark cloud of corona has also brought along with it an ocean of opportunities to recalibrate the entire educational set up.

Modern Public School moves ahead of times and it didn’t take a single day to bring brick and mortar classes to virtual platform. Along with regular academics session on one hand ,if the school conducts sessions on Astronomy, ATL,  MUNs,Performing and Visual Arts to empower their children emotionally then on the other hand regular yoga sessions, Aerobics and other engaging activities are held to boost students’ kinesthesia.

Enrichment of Faculty is as important as that of any student. Not a single day goes when MPS faculty doesn’t attend a webinar on varied issues like how to develop core competencies amongst students, Nurturing environment, and on different subjects based on their respective specialization.

The school in collaboration with renowned educational bodies have organized webinars at global level wherein Ms. Alka Kapur, Principal MPS participated as a key note speaker becoming the guiding light of intelligentsia across the globe. Madam discussed at length about the duties and responsibilities of the stake holders of the school in the New Normal in Post Covid Era and other issues pertinent to students’ psychological health.

In a series of these webinars, the institution got a chance to listen to astute academicians like Dr, Mahesh Verma, Vice Chancellor , Environmental stalwarts like Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Ms. Diya Mirza and renowned celebrities from varied fields.

In association with reputed agencies like FICCI ARISE, LUNG CARE FOUNDATION, ENTAB CAMPUS, Action Committee of unaided and Private schools, ROBO CHAMPS etc the institution has successfully been able to cover all sensitive, humane, brainy and societal issues like environment, health, humanity etc that the stakeholders of the school should be apprised with.

Attitude of Gratitude is practised rigorously through online meditation anf Thanks Giving Prayer at the end of online school sessions.

The school moved to Microsoft Teams even before the COVID-19 lockdown, and has been running virtual classes through flip teaching practices. This proactive approach allowed the stakeholders to adopt themselves to interact and collaborate even in remote learning scenarios.

Under Microsoft Aspire School Programme, the school shifted its classrooms to Microsoft Teams to ensure that learning goes uninterrupted and with time the school has broadened its horizon wherein the curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities are streamlined on this digital platform. With the availability of Licensed softwares, free online platform and accessibility of Office 365 tools for the students and teachers have empowered the teaching learning process for the future ready students. It is through MICROSOFT TEAMS APP that the collaborative learning has become very easy. The students have never been so enthusiastic to study as they are during online sessions taken by their respective teachers now a days. And it is a matter of pride that the online classrooms records more than 90% attendance in the virtual classrooms, which is much more than the regular ones.

The school has already conducted two cycles of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in the month of May and June successfully. These CCA tests were combination of Objective and Subjective evaluation. Open Book Test symbolizes an element of trust between the teachers and the taught. It’s a matter of extreme contentment that students really did well with an average score of 85.

MPS basks in the glory of the rare achievement of one of its student Sarthak Jain of Class XI. His innovation of Touchless Door Bell has been the talk of the town specifically in Corona scare . Atal Tinkering Laboratory of the school has given wings to the imagination of its students and it is proudly declared that this invention of his has been magnanimous and is even appreciated by MHRD, Government of India.

In nutshell, Modern Public School is all set to welcome and adapt the New Normal after Post Covid Era.

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