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Our Little NGO - Titliyan

A.     Background:

We started as an initiative out with a mission to help children & families of urban slum dwellers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh & children of migrant laborers attending schools locally (primary as well as middle school) /drop outs to get an exposure to the world beyond their own, receive help and support to meet grade level expectations and beyond in school. The organization wished to:

       To open Non-Formal Education Centers and Remedial Classes for those attending school, to track down, motivate and equip drop-outs to rejoin the mainstream to meet grade level expectations

       To initiate Primary Education for children without access to it

       To integrate children who are marginalized by poverty and lack of education into mainstream society


Titliyan was started in the garden of C block, Sec 19, Noida in 2013. It was thought appropriate to first have one such center operating successfully, understand the challenges that could be faced, try out different methodologies before replicating the model at other locations.

B.     Purpose

Empowerment: Through health, education and community development services, we enable the underprivileged children, youth and women to become empowered to help themselves, as opposed to being charity cases along with the admission of children of the laborers mostly daily wage earners in Titliyan & in Govt Schools. All-Round Care: We provide for a healthy mind, body and soul. From medical attention to education to compassionate social workers and teachers who serve as guides & mentors. Joyful Learning: We teach enjoyably via role play, songs, essays etc. for better retention, motivation & to ingrain a joyful work ethic in the children are the three main pillars.

C.  Mission Statement:

     “Titliyan’s Mission is to empower slum children and communities to break the vicious Cycle of Urban Poverty by providing them access to education and community development services and thus in the long run open doors to a better life….”

D.    The Highlights of the Intervention:

The first center was started in Noida in 2010 with about 15 children. Currently there are about 180 children enrolled.

The subjects being taught are English, Hindi, Science, Social studies, Computers and Mathematics

The programs for “Titliyan” are designed to help students:

       With extra study material to develop better understanding of the subjects

       The primary focus is on:

       Languages-Hindi & English

       Exposing Children to Computers

       Developing their natural inquisitiveness by making them ask questions instead of rote learning

       Programs have been designed to create an interest & eagerness in making learning fun, interactive and happy.

       Computers are used to develop their listening skills, comprehension, English vocabulary and Reasoning skills.

       Focus is on developing their interpersonal skills.

 All at ‘Titliyan’ work very hard to help every child achieve their simple dreams and potential, to inculcate a go getter attitude and to make them believe that nothing is beyond them if they strive hard to attain their dreams.

E.      The Centre:

       1.    Currently has 180 children enrolled, segregated into 10 batches with nine appointed teachers and about five volunteers who are onsite regularly.

2.    There are 10 volunteers & 10 Teachers who take special activity and enrichment classes on Saturdays. Children are also taught music, dancing, acting, public speaking, life skills and showcase what they have learnt on special performance days.

3.    The regular academic classes run from 3pm-7pm with regular classes being held under shady trees in the park alongside the Mandir.

4.    The computer lab is in an adjoining room in the Mandir complex.

5.    There is a store room provided by the Mandir to house boards, blackboards and other teaching and learning material that is used during the classes.

6.    The founder as well as specialist volunteers in the field of education review the syllabi from time to time.

7.    Regular checking of written work and impromptu oral and written tests help teachers assess student’s progress.

8.    All major Festivals and National days are celebrated at ‘Titliyan’ sometimes with in-house programs and sometimes with visits to corporate campuses and places of interest.


              Students who have been attending the classes regularly have shown a marked improvement performance in the school. Also, they are confidently able to communicate with their peers, teachers as well any visitors to the center.


Our Success Stories:


              Every child who comes to our center is special.  We present here some of our “students”, their stories tell us that these children lack only an opportunity and given that they excel with their hard work and dedication.

Sangeeta is a lovely 15 year old beautiful girl who hails from an extremely economically poor family and is the 3rd eldest of 5 siblings. Fortunately she is encouraged by her family to study. She is currently in 6th standard and also one of the most regular students with nearly 99% attendance. She is a teacher's pet and has an unbelievable craving to learn something new each day. The challenge we faced with her, both in Hindi and English, was her spellings which we are still working on. With sheer hard work, dedication and punctuality she proved nothing can stop her from being one of the stars from our 3rd highest batch of “Titliyan”. She is an epitome of hard work and diligence.

Our little Priyanshu is a student of grade 2 at DPS. He has an infectious smile, loves to participate in competitions and is consistently improving in English....we at Titliyan love him for never missing his classes at our campus.  

Nandini Mishra has been coming to Titliyan from a very young age.... she is currently studying at DPS, Gautam Buddh Nagar,  A star performer, diligent and ever smiling, she has been awarded with a scholarship of Rs 5000 basis her academic record for the last two years.....we wish her the best in all her endeavours....

And many more such stories….

Children Admitted into DPS, Gautam Budh Nagar: We have 13 children studying in DPS school ranging from classes 2nd to 7th.  They are hardworking and bright children. Titliyan has dedicated teachers who help them with after school studies. The children seemed to have adjusted very well in the DPS environment and look very happy. Their parents have promised that they will not discontinue their studies in between.

During the current Pandemic of Covid -19: We at Titliyan did a Fund Raising Campaign where the money collected was used to help out the families of our children in such a way where we identified the clusters and on a rotational basis, helped them with basic groceries, stationery and phone recharge. Our volunteers are working tirelessly helping with speaking to children over phone, sourcing the groceries & stationery and distributing them. 

Lockdown has brought in a lot of unprecedented anxiety among most of us... but it has also created unstoppable warriors amongst us who ensure that ration is being supplied to daily-wage workers!!

To be safe from corona virus, it was important for the children to stay at home.  At the back of our minds there was a lingering thought on how the "stay at home" could be utilized. Online classes were not an option.... we soon realized most of our students had at least one smart phone in the family, which were occasionally available to our students and all were conversant with WhatsApp. During our ration distribution we requested parents to let the children have access to the phones for some time during the day...once we had parents on our side, the rest was easy. Our teachers and coordinators have been working overtime, giving the children videos to watch lesson by lesson, sending work sheets, correcting the work sent by students, doing whatsapp video calls and giving the feedback to students. In fact, we have seen a marked improvement in performance of some of the children. It's amazing to see how the little Titliyan are working so hard, how parents at home are able to monitor them.... Although we don't have 100% coverage, there will be a substantially fewer number of children for whom we will organize the "catch- up" classes once we open our centre.

             Please feel free to get in touch with us for any additional information you may need.

Thanking you,

Rabiah Bhatia –,  9650556101

Founder: Anita Gurnani

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